Information on Herpes Simplex-1 and Herpes Simplex-2

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Herpes in simple words is a kind of disease which is transmitted through sexual intercourse. It is caused actually by viruses known as herpes simplex-1 and herpes simplex-2. Herpes simplex-1 is thecause of oral variety and shows symptoms on skin tissue outside and inside the mouth, and herpes simplex-2 symptoms appear in the genital area. Both viruses are infectious and it has been estimated that about 50 percent of total population is exposed to this virus prior reaching adulthood.

The virus can be carried by a contact with already infected person, but it is not necessarily by sexual contact. Even any oral or skin contact can also transmit it. Patients should not touch their skin to avoid the infection from spreading and they must avoid sexual contact immediately when the symptoms of herpes simplex-1 appear. The best way to prevent the transmission of simplex-2 is to make use of condoms. This is little difficult because lesions in genital region is not limited just to the penis shaft that can be shielded with condom. Avoiding sex during the outbreak of herpes virus is the only most effective way to make sure that the disease is not passed to your sex partner.

Herpes simplex-1 symptoms differ from one person to another, as per the infection severity and locations. An oral herpes early serious symptom includes flu, headache, irritability, fever, and swelling in lymph nodes. If outbreak proceeds, then the infected individual will feel ill, cold sores or blister will come over the skin near mouth. Through symptoms cycle the blisters burst and form wet sores on person’s skin. As it will start healing it will dry up mainly without any scarring. Herpes simplex-2 symptoms appear around and in the genitals, anus and urethra of an infected individual. One main reason for easy transmission of Herpes simplex-2 is that the symptomatic sores are located deep in urethra or vagina that is not easily visible. Similar to oral herpes cycle, small groups or individual blisters will appear in genital region. This can feel and appear as a mid rash and can be really painful. The blisters burst and slowly heal in about 2 weeks of time.

There is no proper cure for this disease, but many treatments are available for helping infected people to fight with an outbreak symptoms. Prescribed medications can lower down the outbreaks time. Topical medication can be used to treat simplex-1 lesions. Anti fever and anti inflammatory medication can be useful in the symptoms of flu. Sores which are dry can heal quickly, simplex-2 lesions must be left dry and clean. Sufferers can use clean towel to dry up infected regions, do not wear tight fitting clothes since it will not speed up the healing of an outbreak.hsv 2

Nature has provided several herbs that help in the treatment of number of diseases. There are herbal ointments available for herpes. Herbal ointments have been helpful to reduce symptoms of herpes. Healthy lifestyle is also effective against the outbreaks of herpes. Powerful immune system is the best defense for herpes. So take help from your doctor and listen to him or her.
hsv 2

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